The contemporary world is fast growing and with ever increasing appetite for energy to power industries, government, families, life-style and create opportunity for all. BellPoint Energy is a platform created to bridge the huge gap that exists between demand for and supply of petroleum products in the downstream sector of the oil and gas industry in Nigeria.

Beyond trading in petroleum products, the company has since diversified into other value-based services and consultancy viz: Asset Management Services, Engineering Services and Product Shipping.

At BellPoint Energy, we impact the business value chain, end-to-end, of the Nigerian Oil and Gas Industry by leveraging the skill-set and experience of our human resources. Our people are our competitive edge.

All our ‘BellPointed’ clients can attest to our corporate value of honesty, integrity, performance and above all, passion. We question convention in order to meet and surpass clients’ expectations. BellPoint is our signature of service. We are the nimble factor in the contemporary oil-and-gas business success equation.


Finding ways to power Nigeria