About us

As a business, we are committed to the enablement of our clients’ businesses while creating value for all stakeholders.

BEL is a dominant player in the Upstream and Downstream sectors of the Nigerian Oil and Gas Industry.  The company is patently passionate about adding value to clients’ businesses through the provision of tailor made solutions to their end-to-end energy needs.

In every market segment and for every customer, we have the conviction that there is a way to do things more efficiently and effectively: not just a bit better, but a step-function better.  We look beneath the surface for the 80/20 paradigm in our business space.

Our 80/20 business philosophy is hinged on a simple concept: Progress always comes from a modest amount of organized resources – human and material resources – who demonstrate that previously accepted ceilings of performance can become floors for everyone.


We therefore search out the 20 percent of everything that produces the 80 percent of sustainable value.  The whole essence of our 80/20 philosophy therefore is to know a few things well: to specialize in niche areas!

We bring ‘sustainable success enablement’ to clients’ businesses and in turn become successful ourselves.  Business success requires knowledge.  It requires insight into what delivers the greatest customer satisfaction with the least use of resources.

Our business insight goes beyond just eye-sight.

When quality service seems out of reach, you deserve a BellPoint Energy that is not out of reach





The BellPoint Team

BellPoint Energy Limited (BEL) was
incorporated on the 2nd June, 2003 and
with the vision of becoming the leading
service provider in the oil and gas
industry, particularly the upstream