Our service portfolio cuts across both the Upstream and Downstream sectors of the Nigerian Oil and Gas Industry.  Our services are predicated on a customized BELLPOINT solution based model combining passion and knowledge which has enabled to build a community of satisfied clients over the years.

For us, the intersection of knowledge and passion is where ideas incubate; the ideas subsequently lead to service and ultimately translate to client solution in Oil & Gas exploration, extraction, refining, logistics or marketing support.  With the foregoing, we have created a community of happy and highly prosperous clients.

As a team, we have our footprints in the Upstream and Downstream sectors of the Oil and Gas Industry.

Up Stream

Our excellent offerings in the upstream subsector has made us a dominant player in the market space.  These offerings combine mission critical products and services that support upstream exploration either as sub-packages to augment existing processes or as complete life-cycle inputs.

We offer robust engineering support services for a significant number of the major Oil and Gas Companies. And possess sufficient expertise with excellent track records in sourcing for, and delivering of :

  • All drilling equipment and tools;
  • Building and fabrication of equipment;
  • Supplies of bolts, bearings, pumps, valves, compressor;
  • Supply and leases of heavy duty equipment such as dredgers, industrial generators e.t.c;
  • Installation and maintenance of tools and engineering equipment;
  • Project management of varying scope.

In line with global standards, we retain leading manufacturers, with proven track records, of these products and also hold them to very high quality standards.  We also ensure that these products deliver value to our client operations through effective feedback mechanisms that are proactive.  Our guiding principle, with respect to supplies of engineering equipment and other related services, is that it must be ‘fit for purpose’ in terms of clients’ quality specification and delivery time.

Down stream

In the downstream sector, we have become an industry reference point for operational excellence and superior service delivery to our clients and stakeholders.

We pride ourselves on global supply capabilities for the following:

  • Aviation Turbine Kerosene – ATK;
  • Automotive Gas Oil – AGO
  • Premium Motor Spirit – PMS

As part of our growth portfolio strategy we have invested massively in the acquisition of operational infrastructure that will  facilitate incremental availability of otherwise scarce products and with a view to broaden the community of clients and deepen our franchise in the market place.

We currently are concluding arrangement for the acquisition of tank farms and retail networks in key strategic locations.
As a licensed direct importer of petroleum products we have a network of globally rated suppliers this gives us an edge as we are able to offer the best in petroleum products at competitive prices.

Some of the products in which we have achieved market dominance in  are:

  • Automotive Gas Oil (AGO) is a distillate grade is used in automotive diesel engines, space heating, industrial furnace and boilers;
  • Aviation Turbine Kerosene (ATK) is a light distillate that meets the most stringent quality requirement as stipulated by the aviation industry for use as fuel in aircraft engines;
  • Premium Motor Spirit (PMS) is used as gasoline for running motor vehicles and other petrol driven engines and light plants;
  • Dual-purpose kerosene (DPK) is used as domestic fuel for lighting and heating, and as industrial fuel for boilers, furnaces, cleaning and processes.

Our Clientele base of major market offtakers include:

  • Mobil Nigeria Plc;
  • MRS;
  • Total Nigeria Plc;
  • Oando Plc;
  • Forte Oil

We have, at different times, delivered petroleum products to their various nominated tanks and have also done offshore deliveries on their behalf.  We have partnered with local and International suppliers of repute to ensure that products are ready within the constraints of time, budget and NNPC/DPR specifications. Our key suppliers include: Vitol Oil, Mercuria, Glencore to mention a few.

Our trucking department has sufficient capacity to cater for supplies of smaller quantity for Clients such as: NICOPACO and DeltaAfrik to name a few .

At BellPoint, you don’t have to choose between great price and great quality; you can always eat your cake and have it with us.

Business success is just a ‘BellPoint’ away!